Best Budget Walkie Talkies

Whether it be that you are going on a camping trip, getting your kids something to play with, or maybe you have a security job, walkie-talkies are often a necessity in any situation. This list of walkie-talkies will range from a very low price to upwards of $100, regardless, all of the walkie-talkies on this list are budget-friendly and relatively cheap.

Here is our list of the Best Budget Walkie Talkies.

Best budget Walkie Talkies under $40

This will be our lowest tier in the general topic of the best budget walkie-talkies. All of the products in this section will be the best walkie-talkies that you can find under $40.

Topsung M880 FRS Walkie Talkie

These portable long-range walkie-talkies currently sit at a price of $29.99 and are an extremely popular option.

Not only are these small and portable walkie-talkies but they also come in a variety of colors including purple, red, orange, camo, blue, and much more.

They have 22 channels and require 6 AA batteries. In addition to this, they have 121 privacy codes and 2662 combinations.

Their range is up to 1/4/16 miles and their long standby time is up to 3-4 days. They have an adjustable screen and a 2.5mm earpiece jack.

These come in a 2-pack as well.

You can buy these here

Topsung Walkie Talkies with NOAA Weather Scan & Alert

Similar to the option before, this pack of Topsung Walkie-Talkies is a slight upgrade. These come in at a cost of $31.44 and have a few more features that you may be interested in.

These walkie-talkies take 6 AA batteries and these can communicate with other FRS radios, even if they are not the same brand.

They also feature eVOX with 16 sensitivity levels.

In addition to all of that, they have an NOAA weather scan that will automatically scan through 23 WX band channels and can automatically lock to the strongest weather channel for weather alerts.

They have 10 call tone settings, 22 channels, 38 CTCSS privacy codes, and 96 DCS codes.

You can buy these here

WokTok Portable Radio Walkie Talkies

Being one of the cheapest walkie-talkie products on this list, WokTok’s product is an incredible deal coming in at just $23.09.

These have a talking range of 5 kilometers and require 3 AA batteries for each walkie-talkie unit. up to 0.5 miles of range in a neighborhood and up to 3 miles in an open area.

They have 2-way radios with about 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. They also feature 38 CTCSS codes and 83 DCS codes.

They feature VOX and NOAA weather alerts. These are an incredible option for the price!

You can buy here

ANSIOVON Long Range Walky Talky

Aside from a different spelling, these walkie-talkies are extremely competitive with their features and the addition of earpieces! They come in at a competitive price of $28.99.

Not only do they come with an earpiece but they also have a built-in flashlight.

They have 16 channels to work with and up to 3 miles of range in an open area.

They also don’t use external batteries but come with a battery pack that you can recharge and reuse.

These are definitely one of the most impressive pairs of walkie-talkies and we highly recommend checking them out!

You can buy here

Best Budget Walkie-Talkies Under $60

Moving on, we have some more expensive options. If your budget has a little more room, here are some great options for walkie-talkies that are still budget options, but under $60.

Motorola T200TP Talkabout Radio

Motorola is a trusted brand and they don’t only make trusted phones, but great walkie-talkies. Here is a 3-pack that sits at $59.16.

This pack features 3 Talkabout radio walkie-talkies that feature 22 channels and 121 privacy codes that total 662 combinations.

They also have a quick scan feature to find channels much faster. They are also compatible with radio and allow you to communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios.

They have a huge range of up to 20 miles and micro-USB charging. They also feature 20 call tones, an ECO scan, a battery meter, and an in-built battery pack.

You can buy here

UV-5R Two-Way Radio

If you are looking for a more industry-grade option, you have found your walkie-talkies here. These have a big spec list and come around at about $50.99.

These 2-pack walkie-talkies come with 128 channels and Tuner Technology of UHF and VHF. They also feature a TIDRADIO NA-771 Long antenna that helps increase your range.

They additionally come with a charging station and earpieces for both. Again, these are industry-grade and if you are looking for a more serious option, these are a great choice.

You can buy here

Olywiz 4-Pack Walkie Talkies

If you are looking for some quality walkie-talkies but need a 4-pack, Olywiz has you covered. This 4-pack comes in at $50.99.

These are rechargeable and comes with an in-built 2W flashlight. They additionally come with earpieces.

They have a range of up to 3 miles in an open area and have a 1500mAH rechargeable battery. This will last you about 12 hours.

They have 16 channels TOT functionality and a scan feature. These are a great option if you need more than a few walkie-talkies.

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Best Budget Walkie Talkies Under $100

Here we are at a higher price point, while still retaining that budget title. Here are the best options on the list, as the cost of an extra mark-up price.

Motorola Solutions T475 Extreme Two-Way Radio Black

Coming in at the most expensive pair of walkie-talkies on the list, Motorola has come out with an affordable and impressive pair of communication devices. These come in at $84.99.

These feature 22 channels and are license-free FRS radios. They also have 121 privacy codes and a built-in flashlight.

They have dual power, weatherproof IPX4, and NOAA Weather radio and alerts. In addition to all of this, they also have VibraCall Alerts and a battery life of up to 12 hours with their NiMH 800 mAH batteries.

They come with lanyards, earpieces, and a shared carry case. These are impressive and well worth the money.

You can buy here

COBRA ACXT645 Walkie Talkies

Here is another pair of high-end budget walkie-talkies that are a little more compact, but feature a whole lot of features. They come in at around $79.98.

These have a range of 16 – 35 miles and up to 3124 channel combinations. They also have 10 NOAA weather channels for emergencies.

They are also Waterproof IPX4/JIS4 standardized. They feature VOX and a 3 AA NiMH rechargeable battery kit.

You can buy here

Retevis RB17 Walkie Talkies

Last but not least we have the Retevis 4-pack of heavy-duty walkie-talkies. These pack a punch and have a great value to them, coming in at just $79.99.

They all come with 4400mAh lithium-ion batteries and a charging station hub. They also feature 16 channels.

They are also built to be used in any situation, being a heavy-duty set of walkie-talkies. They have a continuous battery life of 44 hours.

You can buy here

Best Budget Walkie-Talkies for Kids

This short list is for some of you that are looking for some quality walkie-talkies for your kids. These are great options and won’t break the bank!

Jonephe Walkie Talkies for Kids 2 Pack

These little walkie-talkies are great for a quick and inexpensive fix for your kids. They come in at an impressive $14.99.

They come in both pink and blue and can reach up to 3 kilometers in range.

They have a simple VOX system and require 2 AAA batteries for each walkie-talkie.

You can buy here

Free Breath Kids Walkie Talkie

Although slightly more expensive, this pair of walkie-talkies have a few more features that may interest you. They come in at $19.97.

They only come in blue but they feature 22 channels and an impressive 3 miles of range in an open area.

They have 99 sub codes and 1584 options to prevent others from tapping into their channel. They also require 4 AAA batteries for each walkie-talkie.

These are an impressive option and give your children a little more to work with.

You can buy here

Obuby Walkie Talkies for kids

If two walkie-Talkies just don’t cut it for your kids, here is a great option for a pack of three! These hold the title of Amazon’s Choice and come in at $25.99.

These feature a range of 3 miles and generally appeal to kids under the age of 13.

They come in three separate color patterns and 22 channels to work with. They do require 4 AAA batteries but overall is a great buy!

You can buy here

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