Best iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Case

Even though iPhones are considered relatively durable than other smartphones in the market, dropping iPhones on the hard surface can mean a costly repair. This year Apple has pulled through to make iPhones more durable than ever, thanks to the additional Ceramic shield glasses in iPhone 12 line-up.

It’s hurried to replace the cracked and broken iPhones coming at a thousand dollar price mark. Rather than paying wholesome money to replace the screen or even buy a new one, it’s smart to put cases on them. Here is a list of the best iPhone cases to prevent drop protection.

1. Apple Silicon MagSafe Case

Apple Silicon MagSafe Case
Apple Silicon MagSafe Case

With the release of the iPhone 12 this year, Apple also launched its official iPhone 12 line-up cases. The all-new MagSafe Silicon case is worth $49 on Amazon. The MagSafe case has a magnetic coil to align iPhone 12 to charge right through wirelessly. The silicon on the cases feels smooth and premium.

The little thin bend at the edges of the case provides extra protection to the screen. As regards the design goes, it’s pretty similar to other silicon cases, but the single notable difference you can tell is the circle inside the case. The cases come in various colors like Cyprus green, Plum, Kumquat, etc. to go along with the iPhone 12 aesthetic.

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Baltic Blue

2. Scooch Wingman Tuxedo Case

Scooch Wingman Tuxedo Case
Scooch Wingman Tuxedo Case

The Scooch Wingman Tuxedo Case has always been valued for money cases for most customers out there. The case is tested to provide 10 feet drop protection to your iPhone. The cases are available to possibly every iPhone released to date. The kickstand on smartphone cases is not what we get to see everywhere, with the Scooch Wingman Tuxedo case; you are getting a quick release kickstand at the back. Car vent mounting, wireless charging, and magnetic mount compatibility are some of the other notable features the case offers. The ridge on the side is added to the case for a perfect grip. The compact polycarbonate case from Scooch makes a great deal of military-level standard protection. 

Buy Scooch Wingman Tuxedo Case Here:

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12/12 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11

iPhone SE

3. Unicorn Beetle Case

Unicorn Beetle Case
Unicorn Beetle Case

The Unicorn Beetle case is by far the slimmest yet heavy-duty protection case you can get right now. The military standard branding on the case tells you something about the ruggedness. The company claims the case is designed to protect the iPhone against 15 feet drop. The Unicorn Beetle comes in various sizes and colors, fitting any of the iPhone released to date. The slight edges and decent raise of the case surrounding the camera are excellent enough to protect it. The lip of the case holds up nicely with the slight raise enough to protect the screen.

Buy Unicorn Beetle Case Here:

iPhone 12/12 Pro

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone X

4. DBrand Grip Case

DBrand Grip Case
DBrand Grip Case

Well, most of you might have heard of DBrand cases, which are often popularized by top techies like MKBHD. The DBrand Grip case holds for a really long time without getting peeled off and discolored.  The case by the name suggests is grippy to handle and has a microfiber texture inside the case protecting the back of the phone from scratching. Also, you have the leverage to customize your own outlook of the case and ship it to you. The DBrand case handles the button tactical pretty well. 

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